Uniquely Created Artisan Pottery & Jewelry
1. Throw
We use a stoneware clay body that contains a medium amount of grog for strength and durability.  Grog is tiny bits of dried clay, similar in consistency to coarse sand.  (This step is the most brutal on the hands.)
2. Trim
Within one or two days the pot is leather-hard, at this stage it is called greenware.  Once the pot reaches the leather-hard-stage, it must be put back on the wheel and trimmed, creating a foot.  We burnish each foot to make it smooth to the touch.
3. Dry
To minimize the stress on the pot, we let it dry naturally for a minimum of 2 weeks.
4. Fire
Once the pot has reached a bone dry state, it is fired for the first time at 1,828 degrees.  After this firing the pot is called bisque.
5. Paint
Cub then paints a design or motif directly on the bisque using an underglaze.  Depending on the pattern, it takes the him approximately 4 to 6 hours to paint a pot.  If we desire a more traditional finish, Pam paints 2 to 4 coats of colored glaze on the pot with a brush.
6. Wax
For Cub’s painted pots, the bottom of each pot is coated with wax to prevent the overglaze from covering the bottom of the pot.
7. Glaze
Again, for Cub’s painted pots, an overglaze is applied to the entire pot, including the foot.  By glazing the foot of the pot, it makes it smooth, which helps protect your tabletop from scratches.  If the pot must be fired directly on the kiln shelf, however, the foot cannot be glazed.  Although a glazed foot is preferable, the burnished foot helps to protect your tabletop from scratches as well.
8. Fire
The glazed bisque is now fired at 2,230 degrees, which turns the glaze into a coating of glass.
9. Grind
The pot is subjected to a final inspection to ensure top quality, and any sharp edges are ground out.
We take great care to produce pottery that we can offer with confidence and pride.  When you purchase ‘2 Crocked Pots’ pottery, you can be sure that you are getting pottery that has been created individually, and is as strong and durable as it is beautiful.  Unless otherwise noted, our pottery is oven proof, microwave and dishwasher safe.